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Every year thousands of dollars in dental insurance are not put to good use. This happens when consumers are unaware of how their dental insurance works and what is and is not covered by the insurance plan. When you become familiar with your dental plan, you can make those dollars work to keep your oral health at its best.

At Elegant Smiles, we will work with you to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your dental insurance plan. We are in network for all the major dental insurance companies. Feel free to contact us if you do not see your dental plan listed. Do not miss the opportunity to make the most of your insurance dollars by taking full advantage of all your dental plan offers.

Dentist that Accepts Insurance

If your dental company is not listed, please give us a call. This is not a complete list.

The dental team at Elegant Smiles is committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain their best oral health. For some individuals this can be costly; however, dental insurance can offset much of the cost. In order to provide excellent quality dental care to an ever-widening circle of people, Elegant Smiles participates in a large number of dental insurance plans:

Dental insurance is invaluable when you have extensive dental work requirements. If you do not see your company listed, please give our office a call to find out if we are in your network.

Your dental insurance dollars will go farther when you plan wisely. Our dental team will be happy to help you determine the best way to use your plan in order to maximize your insurance.

Contact Elegant Smiles today and schedule an appointment for a comprehensive oral exam. When you take good care of your teeth, they will take good care of you. You deserve a beautiful smile; we can help you keep it beautiful and healthy.

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