Whether you need dental restoration of your existing teeth or options for replacing missing teeth, Elegant Smiles can offer solutions. One of the issues that many seniors face is the loss of functionality. Patients who find it difficult to eat because of ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures can rely on our dentistry team. A comprehensive examination at our Brookhaven offices is the first step toward improved oral health for seniors.

Smile Restoration for Geriatric Patients

Older patients who face health challenges may find it difficult to find an accommodating dentist. Seniors deserve to be treated with dignity and respect when seeking oral healthcare. We provide a range of dentistry services at our comfortable and welcoming offices in Georgia. If a patient has communication or cognitive difficulties, our team will work with family members or caregivers to provide effective dental solutions.

Geriatric patients with stable bone density may benefit from dental implants and other restorative treatments. Sedation dentistry is available at Elegant Smiles, and our team also goes to great lengths to help frightened patients relax. We are committed to accommodating you or your loved one in any way we can. If you have concerns about maintaining the oral health of a senior relative, we would like to hear from you today.

Contact the offices of Elegant Smiles today to learn about the quality services we provide to senior patients. We offer convenient scheduling for treatment plans that are affordable, effective and long-lasting.