The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) plays a critical role in helping you speak, eat and move your mouth. While it can handle normal everyday function, it is not designed to withstand the excessive tension or strain that comes with teeth grinding, teeth clenching or other strenuous oral habits. Teeth grinding is the most common culprit for TMJ issues. In some cases, bite misalignment is to blame for TMJ dysfunction, which is also known as TMD. Unfortunately, TMJ symptoms can be very disruptive and influential to your everyday comfort and quality of life. As part of our general dentistry treatments at Elegant Smiles, we are proud to serve the Brookhaven community with the most effective TMJ and TMD treatments available.

Our non-invasive solutions help relieve the following symptoms associated with TMJ disorder:

Jaw Pain, Facial Pain Relief!

Do you often wake up with a sore or painful jaw? Jaw pain or facial pain should never be something you just live with. The advancements in modern dentistry offer comfortable and long-term treatments to reduce or eliminate your discomfort. In many cases, a custom nightguard can treat your jaw pain. This is particularly true if your symptoms are a result of a teeth grinding habit. At Elegant Smiles, we use cutting-edge technology and imaging to ensure you get an accurate diagnosis of your jaw pain before presenting you with treatment options.

Ready to eat and chew comfortably again? Contact Elegant Smiles for a TMJ consult today. We offer a team of dentists who have a keen understanding of the jaw joint and what it takes to help it function properly. To help you afford your TMJ therapy in Brookhaven, don’t hesitate to ask us about our in-house financing plans.