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Dental Technology

At Elegant Smiles, we strive to give our patients the best care that modern dentistry has to offer. To this end, we’ve equipped our office with a number of state-of-the-art dental technologies. Our use of these innovative devices and cutting-edge equipment improves the efficiency, comfort and safety of our dental procedures. In result, patient experience is drastically enhanced.

KöR Whitening

KöR Whitening is a unique and highly effective teeth bleaching method that combines powerful in-office treatment with convenient take-home trays. KöR Whitening is gentle on the teeth and gums and ideal for patients who have stubborn tooth stains.

Digital X-Rays

Whether we are taking an x-ray during a routine visit or evaluating a specific area of concern, our dentist is committed to using modern digital imaging for all patients. Digital imaging is not only faster, but it delivers significantly less radiation than past film-based techniques. Digital x-rays are also immediately available and easily transferrable for a more efficient dental care experience.

Intraoral Trios & iTero Scanner

With our TRIOS 3Shape® scanner and our iTero Intraoral scanner, patients don’t have to endure messy dental impressions before they get a crown, dental implant, bridge or other restoration. This advanced scanning tool benefits both dentist and patient. It provides high-quality digital impressions with optimal patient comfort. CAD/CAM technology is used to interpret the 3D virtual images of your teeth and select the best color and fit for your dental restoration.

Panoramic 3D Cone Beam

The Cone Beam is a highly-advanced imaging tool that delivers clear 3D images of your entire oral structures, including your teeth and the surrounding bone, tissues and nerves. We use the panoramic 3D cone beam to improve a wide variety of dental treatments. This panoramic x-ray system is the best of its kind, offering less radiation, faster scanning and more accurate images than ever before.

Isolite Suctioning Device

Isolite is a special tool that helps keep your mouth open during dental procedures while simultaneously providing computer-controlled suctioning. This isolation technology is a win-win for patient and dentist. It is more comfortable and safer for the patient, and it creates an ideal oral environment for the dentist to work in. With improved visibility and appropriate oral humidity, we use the Isolite to provide faster and more accurate dental procedures.

Soft-Tissue Dental Laser

We have proudly invested in the Precise® LTM diode laser, a leading product in the dental technology industry. Soft tissue lasers have revolutionized patient care, as they allow patients to avoid more invasive techniques that may require sutures and lengthy recovery time. Lasers can be used in oral surgery, gum treatments and more.

Intraoral Cameras

Our chairside intraoral cameras are the perfect method to quickly capture clear, real-time images of the teeth. With pictures projected immediately to a nearby computer screen, we can make a prompt diagnosis as well as better educate patients about what is going on inside their mouth. These intraoral cameras are highly convenient and an integral component of our modern dental care methods.

Electronic Dental Records

Elegant Smiles relies on electronic charting and digital dental records throughout our office. While a paperless office is certainly more economical, it also allows us to run our practice with greater efficiency, as patient information is readily available at our fingertips.

To learn more about our use of advanced dental technology, please contact us. At Elegant Smiles, we are committed to pursuing the most superior methods in modern dentistry, which means our equipment and imaging systems are updated regularly.

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