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Root Canals

Root canal therapy is an effective, time-tested general dentistry procedure that is used to save an infected or diseased tooth. At Elegant Smiles, we utilize advanced techniques and technology to perform our dental procedures. This means that your root canal visit is nothing to fear. We offer sedation dentistry and other methods to ensure your discomfort is minimized.

When bacteria or infection penetrates the inner portion of a tooth, it can not only jeopardize the vitality of the tooth, but it generally causes a great deal of pain for the patient. The inner tooth pulp is where the nerves reside. It is a highly sensitive area that is designed to warn your body when the tooth needs attention. Therefore, a root canal involves cleaning out the infected tooth pulp and sealing off the canal for future protection. In many cases, a custom crown is needed after a root canal to help the tooth regain full strength.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

It is not uncommon for the mere mention of the term “root canal” to trigger dread or panic. However, patients should know that root canals are no more painful than getting a dental filling. In fact, this procedure is often the only way to bring you out of pain if you have an infected tooth. If a root canal is declined or delayed, a tooth extraction may be needed.

While it may seem that an extraction is an easier and more affordable way to get you out of pain, it carries several additional drawbacks. Remember that an extracted tooth will need to be replaced because missing teeth cause misalignment, bone loss and other consequences. Therefore, you will likely be faced with getting a dental implant which is a far more complicated and costly procedure compared to a root canal.

If you are suffering pain from an infected tooth, let us help you. Our Brookhaven dentist offers same day dentistry for urgent concerns just like this. We want to bring you out of pain and restore comfort and health to your smile. Contact Elegant Smiles today for an appointment. We accept patients of all ages.

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