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Teeth Whitening

as low as $49/mo

When it comes to aesthetics, the color of your teeth certainly matters. White teeth portray youth and beauty. Studies show that a dazzling white smile can boost your self-esteem, take years off of your appearance and even increase your chances for a promotion at work. Unfortunately, there are many factors that make it difficult to retain white teeth without cosmetic dental treatment. The natural aging process, smoking and dark-colored drinks can commonly cause a dull or dingy smile. When your toothpaste fails to erase these stains, consider professional teeth whitening.

Elegant Smiles realizes the benefit of teeth whitening for teens and adults. It is an easy and affordable way to dramatically enhance your smile. When performed or overseen by a dentist, it is also comfortable and safe for your teeth and gums.

KöR Whitening

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KöR Whitening is a unique and highly ranked cosmetic treatment that bleaches teeth from the inside out. KöR is set apart in its effectiveness, sustainability and its kindness to the teeth and tissues. For patients with severe discoloration or stubborn stains, we may recommend KöR Whitening’s complete protocol, which includes a take-home portion to prime the teeth and an in-office procedure to enhance and finalize your results. Each step of the process is uniquely designed to minimize any degradation, breakdown or dilution of the professional whitening solution. The gel comes to our office with multiple components so that it can be mixed just before your treatment. Likewise, the custom trays for at-home bleaching are formulated in a way that isolates your saliva from your teeth, resulting in a stronger, more powerful whitening treatment.

Say goodbye to your dark, dull or yellowed teeth by contacting Elegant in Atlanta today. We are happy to explain the KöR treatment process.

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