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Every oral health problem you suffer will impact your smile. The teeth, gums and bones in the mouth all work together to maintain both function and aesthetics. At Elegant Smiles, we are invested in ensuring that our patients benefit from a full range of dentistry services.

From a child’s first tooth to an adult’s last, Elegant Smiles will continue to provide effective solutions. Your oral health and personal well-being are all part of the services we offer at our Brookhaven, GA offices. You will benefit from the experience and skills of an accomplished dentistry team.

Teeth and gum health should be maintained to promote excellence in oral health. From pediatric dentistry to restorations, Elegant Smiles is a full spectrum practice. Preventing serious damage to teeth and gums due to diet, disease, poor oral hygiene or injuries will help your family avoid costly and unnecessary treatments.

Brookhaven Dental Checkups

Dental checkups at our Brookhaven office are more than a routine service. These appointments are designed to promote preventive dentistry. If underlying oral health issues have emerged since your last visit to Elegant Smiles, our dentistry professionals will identify them and create an effective treatment plan.

Your Elegant Smiles checkup is an opportunity to gain valuable education on oral hygiene and general dental care. We get to know each patient, which allows our dentistry professionals to tailor the experience in a way that is relatable to your needs and goals.

If patients have concerns about any aspect of treatment, there is always a member of our team available to provide answers. Elegant Smiles specializes in cosmetic, general, orthodontic, pediatric and restoration dentistry in Brookhaven, Georgia.

Contact our office today if you would like to inquire about a specific service offered at Elegant Smiles.

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