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Replacing your smile with dentures is a major decision and invested process. Not only can it be an emotional transition, but it takes time to adjust to prosthetic teeth as well. At Elegant Smiles, we are here to make your denture experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Our dentists offer the latest denture models available, and we take a compassionate approach when presenting you with your restorative dentistry options. We help patients find dentures that fit their lifestyle as well as their budget. Regardless of how or why you lost your teeth, you can depend on a beautiful new smile going forward.

Dental technology, materials and techniques have greatly improved to create dentures that are more comfortable to wear. Unlike past denture models that frequently slip out of place, our custom quality dentures offer a precise fit and are fabricated to look just like natural teeth. We don’t want denture patients to suffer from a restricted diet or limited quality of life due to their artificial teeth. Choose Elegant Smiles for the best restorative dentistry in Atlanta.

Partial Dentures

While some patients need a full denture set to replace an entire arch of lower or upper teeth, there are other cases in which patients have multiple missing teeth as well as healthy existing teeth. These patients can benefit from a partial denture. Just like our full dentures, our partials are made to accommodate your personal needs and preferences using the highest quality materials in the industry.

If you need to replace or repair your dentures, we can do that too. In fact, it is common to need denture adjustments or even replacement as you age. Our dentists offer affordable solutions when it comes to your restorative needs. Contact Elegant Smiles to learn how dentures or partials can help you reclaim your well-being and quality of life.

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