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General dentistry can help you maintain a healthy smile, as well as restore your teeth from disease, infection and other harmful circumstances. We are passionate about treating patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. We also realize that patients need and deserve to feel comfortable and informed along the way. If you are looking for a dentist in Atlanta, GA, we invite you to schedule a visit at Elegant Smiles.

Cleanings & Exams

At Elegant Smiles, we perform a gentle and meticulous exam of your teeth and gums. This allows us to check for early signs of gum disease and helps us recognize other dental issues that may need to be monitored more closely or even treated right away. We also allow ample time to professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque buildup, bacteria and stubborn stains. At the conclusion of your routine dental visit, you’ll have a chance to discuss your questions and concerns with your dentist.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth suffers damage beyond what a dental filling can repair, a crown may be suggested. When it comes to custom crowns, we use the most durable and natural-looking materials in the industry, allowing patients to get the most attractive and long-term return on their investment. A dental crown essentially caps a damaged tooth. It is bonded directly onto the affected tooth and covers all visible surfaces. It is decay-resistant and able to withstand everyday dental function. It will be customized in color, size and shape for a flawless blend with your surrounding teeth. If you need a dental crown in Atlanta, GA, give us a call!

Night Guards

Teeth grinding is a common oral habit that typically occurs during nighttime sleep. Teeth grinding can also wreak havoc on your dental health. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, puts excessive strain on your jaw muscles and it can wear down your enamel over time.

Patients who grind or clench their teeth often suffer from TMJ problems, such as jaw stiffness, jaw pain or morning headaches. In addition, you may find that your bite begins to change or your teeth wear down prematurely. This can all be avoided by wearing a custom night guard. We recommend scheduling a consultation if you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism.

Athletic Mouthguards

A surprising number of sports-related injuries involve the mouth. While mouth guards were once reserved for football and boxing, more and more parents are realizing the importance of investing in an athletic mouth guard for other contact sports. We can help you protect yourself or your child on the playing field. Recent studies have shown that wearing a well-fit mouth guard can help reduce the risk of concussions in youth sports. Our custom athletic mouthguards are ranked high in comfort, durability and effectiveness. At Elegant Smiles, it only takes a brief office visit to allow us to get proper measurements of you or your child’s bite. Within days, your athletic mouth guard will be ready for pick-up and use. Call today to get started!

Tooth Extraction

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. However, unexpected events or unfortunate circumstances can alter that. When a tooth extraction is necessary, you can trust our team for an easy, painless extraction experience. In fact, we make your comfort a top priority. Our dentists use advanced techniques to remove your tooth while providing modern anesthetics and sedation dentistry to eliminate your discomfort. We perform tooth extractions for both children and adults.

Root Canals

When bacteria or infection penetrates the inner portion of a tooth, it can not only jeopardize the vitality of the tooth, but it generally causes a great deal of pain for the patient. A root canal involves cleaning out the infected tooth pulp and sealing off the canal for future protection. In many cases, a custom crown is needed after a root canal to help the tooth regain full strength.

If you are suffering pain from an infected tooth, let us help you. Our team offers same-day dentistry for urgent concerns just like this. We want to bring you out of pain and restore comfort and health to your smile. 

TMJ Treatment

Do you often wake up with a sore or painful jaw? Jaw pain or facial pain should never be something you just live with. In many cases, a custom night guard can treat your jaw pain. This is particularly true if your symptoms are a result of a teeth grinding habit. At Elegant Smiles, we use cutting-edge technology and imaging to ensure you get an accurate diagnosis of your jaw pain before presenting you with treatment options.  Ready to eat and chew comfortably again? Call our team today to get help with TMJ treatment in Atlanta, GA.

Oral Cancer Screening 

For the oral and overall health of our patients, we offer oral cancer screenings during regular office visits. An oral cancer screening is a quick and painless way to check for oral cancer. When caught early, oral cancer may be easier to treat and problems can be addressed right away.  

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