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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Did you know that your dentist can improve your quality of sleep with general dentistry? If you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring and want an effective, non-surgical solution, turn to Elegant Smiles. We serve Toco Hills and the greater Atlanta area with excellence in sleep apnea and snoring treatment using custom oral appliance therapy. As with all of our treatments, we go above and beyond to keep you informed and comfortable at every step of the process.

When it comes to sleep apnea, it is very important that you understand your condition as well as know the ways it could compromise your health and quality of life. Untreated sleep apnea can cause fatigue and poor concentration during the day, and it has been associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and weight gain. The effects of this sleep condition can be detrimental because sleep apnea involves several cessations of breathing throughout the night. When oxygen is cut off from the brain, patients can end up waking up gasping for air. This repetitive cycle can disrupt you and your partner’s quality of sleep as well as impact your overall health.

Relief from Snoring

A primary symptom of sleep apnea is snoring. This happens when the throat muscles relax and the surrounding walls of tissues collapse inward, causing an audible (and unpleasant) breathing sound. For patients who are either unwilling or intolerant of CPAP machines, an oral appliance may be a more welcome solution.

At Elegant Smiles, we are proud to fabricate your sleep apnea or snoring appliance right here in our Toco Hills office. We use proven, high-quality materials that offer valued comfort for each patient. By gently shifting the jaw forward during sleep, the appliance is able to keep the airways open and clear. Consequently, snoring and sleep apnea episodes can be greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Ready to get the quality night’s sleep your body needs for better health? Contact Elegant Smiles today to schedule an appointment with our team of experienced dentists. We carry specialized training in safely treating snoring and sleep apnea.

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