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Athletic Mouth Guards

A surprising number of sports-related injuries involve the mouth. While mouth guards were once reserved for football and boxing, more and more parents are realizing the importance of investing in an athletic mouth guard for other contact sports. As part of our general dentistry services at Elegant Smiles, we can help you protect yourself or your child on the playing field. Our custom athletic mouth guards are ranked high in comfort, durability and effectiveness.

Not only can a mouth guard protect your teeth from chipping or getting knocked out, they can also help prevent lip and cheek lacerations. Recent studies have even shown that wearing a well-fit mouth guard can help reduce the risk of concussions in youth sports. There’s significant value to be gained from investing in this simple appliance. At Elegant Smiles, it only takes a brief office visit to allow us to get proper measurements of you or your child’s bite. Within days, your athletic mouth guard will be ready for pick-up and use.

Custom Mouth Guards for Perfect Protection

When it comes to buying a mouth guard, parents are faced with numerous options. While a boil-and-bite mouth guard from your local sporting goods store is certainly better than no mouth guard at all, it offers limited protection and less comfort than one from your dentist. A custom mouth guard provides longer and better protection because it is made of higher quality materials and tailored to fit over every crevice and groove in your child’s smile. In addition, custom mouth guards allow players to breathe and speak comfortably while wearing it. This is a highlighted advantage, as many kids tend to take their mouth guard in and out during a game or practice instead of keeping it in place.

Whether you have a serious athlete in your home or just an adventurous one, make sure you are giving your child the protection he or she needs. At Elegant Smiles, we can make your athletic mouth guard process easy and affordable, giving you valued peace of mind when your child goes full speed on the playing field. Contact Elegant Smiles in Toco Hills in Atlanta today to schedule your appointment.

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