Why Whiten? 5 Reasons to Think About Bleaching Your Teeth

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Teeth naturally come in a variety of shades, so even naturally yellowish teeth can be perfectly healthy.

Teeth bleaching may not be a required part of your dental health. Still, there are a few reasons you should consider lightening your dark tooth color.

You can take years off your smile.

Teeth darken with age, so lightening them makes your smile automatically look younger. You’ll love the confidence boost! How’s that for a face lift?

Your smile is your best accessory.

You can color your hair, relax frown lines, and spray on as much tan as you like. But no feature is going to last as long as your smile will. So why not focus on that and make it dazzle?

Whitening is a small procedure with a huge impact.

A smile makeover need not include multiple expensive and invasive dental procedures. Brookhaven professional teeth whitening can make you look like a new you in just one simple appointment.

You’ll get a brighter shade to match new restorations against.

When you get a dental crown, it’s colored to match your teeth at the time you need it. Crowns don’t bleach, so if you whiten your teeth later on, that cap color is going to stand out. Whiten your teeth now, and if you need a restoration later on, it’ll be the perfect match.

You’ll be motivated to brush and floss more!

You’ll be so proud of your sparkling pearly whites that you can’t help but keep them clean!

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