Why a Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece May be Better Than CPAP

If you’ve spent years trying to have a normal life with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, you know just how challenging the sleeping disorder can be for your home and family. You may not even be sharing a bedroom anymore, just because of how loud and cumbersome the CPAP equipment is at night.

We have good news: you might have an alternative to CPAP for good…the oral sleep appliance.

Oral sleep appliances can help people who are CPAP intolerant to enjoy a better night’s rest from as quickly as the first use. Here’s how:

  • Your oral appliance is FDA approved for managing obstructive sleep apnea. Even Medicaid will sometimes cover the device, because it’s the only viable option to a CPAP machine.
  • Oral appliances naturally increase air flow, as they position your jaw in a way that prevents airway blockage. No machines are necessary!
  • It’s easy to travel with your sleep mouthpiece and take it on overnight trips. If you’ve been afraid of flying with your CPAP or going on vacation because it requires sharing a hotel room with someone, you now have more options.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, sleep mouthpieces work well for people who snore, or can be made at the direction of your physician once you complete a sleep consultation. Our Brookhaven dentist can also let you know if we see any signs of oral sleep apnea during your exam (your teeth will tell us!)

For more information on getting fitted with a custom sleep mouthguard, contact Elegant Smiles in Brookhaven. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have!