Is There Any Way to Avoid Getting a Dental Crown?

Advanced tooth decay can wreck so much of a tooth that there’s not enough left to retain a classic dental filling. In that case, a cap, or crown, may be necessary. Crowns replace the outer layer of enamel to reinforce the tooth and seal out bacteria.

For as much good as crowns do, you might still be worried about what to expect when getting a crown.

Here are some possible dental crown alternatives.

Dental veneers are the more conservative option over crowns when it comes to enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Partial Crowns
As long as a tooth isn’t too far damaged, a partial crown (called an inlay or onlay) may be the solution. This restoration is a hybrid crown-filling that provides more strength than a filling while preserving more of your natural tooth’s structure.

Keep Your Teeth Clean
The best way to avoid dental treatment is to not let your teeth get “sick” in the first place. This is best done through:

  • Daily brushing and flossing
  • Using fluoride
  • Regular dental checkups, including x-rays
  • Treating cavities and weak spots while they’re still small

In the end, whether you need a crown or not doesn’t depend on personal preference, alone. What matters most is what your tooth needs and can handle. Find out where your tooth is at structurally by getting an x-ray and professional dental assessment at Elegant Smiles.

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