Is it Safe to Floss My Crown or Veneers?

Are you worried that flossing your teeth could pull out your dental work? Particularly flossing around a dental crown or cosmetic veneer?

If so, you’re not the first. There’s a general misconception that flossing could actually pull off your crown or veneer. The truth is that if a strand of floss is going to pull out your dental work, the restoration was going to fall off anyway (and better to have it happen when you’re flossing than sitting down to a meal.)

Fortunately, a well-bonded crown or veneer isn’t going anywhere when you clean it with floss. The only way it would fall out is if you have a new cavity that has formed between the restoration and your tooth, the restoration was temporary, or if the cement didn’t bond well. For instance, we might use a temporary bonding agent if you’re waiting on your permanent restoration, and just tell you to avoid flossing or eating on that tooth until then.

Once your crown or veneer is permanently seated in place, you must floss around it daily. Gently glide the floss down between your teeth, curve it in a taught “C” shape against one of them, then slide up and down several times, especially near the gumlines. Then lift the floss up and over your gums and move to the next tooth. Repeat this on each tooth at least once a day.

Without flossing your dental crowns or veneers, it’s easy for infection to develop around them. The best thing you can do to protect your smile’s investment is floss those teeth every day.

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