Do You Really Need a Dental Crown?

Crowns — or as some people call them, “caps” — are protective restorations that slip over your teeth. They serve as a cover that withstands pressure, chewing, grinding, and prevents the remaining enamel from breaking apart even further.

But at what point do you need a dental crown instead of something like a filling? Here are a few examples:

There’s a Large Cavity or Crack

Fillings need enough healthy tooth structure around them to hold them in place. If your tooth has significant structural damage, trying to fill it will just set you up for additional breakage and fractures. It’s best to cover what’s left, instead of risking the chance of a dental emergency.

After a Root Canal

Root canal treatment removes the nerves from inside your tooth. As a side effect, the tooth tends to become more brittle and dried out. A filling could patch up the opening where the canal was accessed, but a crown is better to prevent any damage to the enamel that’s left (so that you can bite and chew normally for years to come.) Getting a crown shortly after endodontic treatment ensures the best possible outcome for your tooth’s future.

If Your Enamel is Worn Down

It can be hard to rebuild aggressive tooth wear with anything other than a crown. Caps slip over your tooth, creating a new biting surface that’s even with the neighboring and opposing teeth. Fillings can’t do that; they go inside of teeth instead of around them.

Dental Crowns in Brookhaven

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