Should You Replace Your Missing Tooth?

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For some Brookhaven, Georgia residents, living with a missing tooth isn’t something that they really want to deal with.

Meanwhile for other folks, losing a tooth isn’t a huge deal. Especially if it’s in the back of your mouth where the space doesn’t show when you smile or talk.  However, those individuals who think going with a missing tooth isn’t important, or an issue, should weigh the consequences and potentially reconsider their decision.

Side Effects of Living with a Missing Tooth

Some side effects are gradual, while others are immediate. Such as:

Other Teeth Shift – When you lose a tooth, the natural instinct of your remaining teeth tilts in and starts to shift as it closes in the gap. The teeth won’t stop moving until they bump against another one.  One tooth moving to close in a space leads to a domino effect, in which all your teeth shift. As a result, years after having a single tooth removed you may end up with a smile that’s slanted and gapped.

Your Remaining Teeth Have to Work Harder – Each tooth in the mouth has a specific purpose and when teeth go missing, the remaining ones have to work harder to do the job of chewing and biting into food. Extra work puts a lot of strain on your teeth and you can begin to experience premature wear, cracks, and broken teeth.

Tooth Replacement Options

Usually, the best time to replace a missing tooth is immediately after having it extracted. The team of Elegant Smiles can help you plan ahead and construct a treatment plan in which we outline your best tooth replacement process. Call us today to get started!

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