Gum Disease Therapy

At Elegant Smiles, we take the health of your gums seriously. If we suspect signs of gum disease, such as swelling, bleeding or recession, we will recommend professional gum disease therapy. Gum disease therapy is designed to eliminate bacteria and infection within the gums and help these supportive tissues regain optimal health. After all, your gums serve as the support system for your smile. If infected or weakened gums are not treated in a timely manner, it may lead to destruction of the underlying bone and tissues and eventual tooth loss. If you are looking for quality gum disease therapy in Atlanta, GA, your search can end at Elegant Smiles!

Gum Infection Treatment

When it comes to periodontal therapy, we’ve adopted the latest and most proven techniques available. We can treat all stages of gum disease from early gingivitis to advanced periodontitis. While your specific treatment will be based on the severity of your condition, you can trust that all procedures are carried out with the highest level of patient comfort and care. We help patients realize what is at stake when gum disease goes untreated. We also give them affordable treatment options to reverse their condition before it’s too late. In most cases of mild to moderate gum disease, a deep cleaning is the first line of defense. 

Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are very effective in reversing or reducing gum disease. It involves two components. Using handheld and ultrasonic instruments, we will first clean the gum line and remove harmful bacteria and plaque from the gum pockets. Next, we will smooth out the surfaces of your tooth roots so that the gums can more easily reattach. In most cases, your scaling and root planing treatments are performed in multiple office visits. This is so that we can clean one to two quadrants of your mouth at a time. Rest assured that a deep cleaning is a painless procedure that can offer dramatic benefits towards your smile and overall health.

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